Learning in Wonderland


Maribel is the dynamo behind Learning in Wonderland.
She contacted me with a blog design already in mind!

(Little did she know I was blog stalking her before she contacted me...tee hee!)

All I had to do was tweak her ideas and fine tune them.

She wanted a date ribbon to match the ribbon under the header where her page links are located.  That was fun since I'd never had anyone want one like that before!

Maribel's blog has amazing ideas and resources so RUN to check it out!
(And she's having a back to school sale soon, too!)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Along the way, my dislike of Internet Explorer was renewed.  For some reason, when Maribel views her blog in IE she sees a black box around her white posting and sidebar areas that I don't see.  However, I get horrible ugly pop-up ads in places she doesn't.

Internet Explorer has had known issues with Blogger all along and apparently they haven't gone away.  I strongly recommend people don't use IE.  If your tech person tells you that you have to use IE I think I would be concerned about his or her capabilities.

This sums it up in a nutshell!  LOL!
IE humor

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