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Hello -

We received a question today about whether or not Honey Bunch still sells premade templates. We do! We just didn't have room to add it to the top of the page in our new design. Here is the link so you can have a peek: http://honeybunchblogdesign.blogspot.com/p/premade-templates.html

Erika is wrapping up the school year with packing and paperwork. She will be back to working full time soon. We are planning on more rest time than last year... just an FYI.

Sarah is knee-deep in wedding plans. We hope to see her in the fall when she is a Mrs!

And I (Misty) am back! I am wrapping up my current position and will be teaching 6th grade in the fall. So excited that my dream is coming true!

That's all from us at Honey Bunch. Happy Summer Time!

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