Beach Sand & Lesson Plans ~ Update!

Gina wanted to get on board the update train!

We updated her social/store links, header, page links, date header, background, signature, divider...whew!  It was a lot of updating but we kept the integrity of the blog the same.  I think her custom pin and scroll to the top buttons are my favorites!  Head over and check them out for yourself!

Here's what Gina had to say ~

Erika at Honey Bunch Blog Design was super patient with me. We must have emailed each other a thousand times. She was able to do just what I wanted...it was like she read my mind! I was looking to keep the feel of the blog the same, yet add some new elements. She did just that. Thanks, Erika!! 

Thank you, Gina, for coming back to HBBD!

I love working with former clients!  It's fun to reconnect with old friends!

Stay tuned...there are more updates in the works.

If you want one just use the email link in our header...
and remember you get a repeat customer discount!  :)

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  1. I really do LOVE my update! Thanks again! The mermaid tail for the post icon is one of my favorite parts. The scroll and pin it buttons are cute too! I just love everything!! THANKS!


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