Kinder Jedi

Tari was so much fun to work with and so I decided to let her steal my job for the moment and do all of the talking. Can you imagine...me?? QUIET?? HA! I am not very good at it. 
This year marks 20 years of teaching, almost every grade from Kindergarten to eighth.  To celebrate my “teaching milestone”, I thought it’d be fun to start a blog!  I hope to share pictures, examples, and ideas from my classroom, and pass on great stuff done by others; I truly believe that the more we teachers collaborate, the better and more fun our jobs will be!  

This wonderful team took a techo-noob like me and made a blog that looks fantastic!  They were absolutely wonderful to work with and made the entire process easy-peasy!  I loved the way they offered me so many choices each step of the way and designed it according to my tastes and even made the changes I wanted it.   The outcome is amazing!  They are worth every penny....and then some!

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