Two Lambs Teaching

Kathy and Russ had a vision of what they wanted for their blog. A while back Kathy found a fabric at Hobby Lobby that she fell in love with. It became the vision and background for her classroom. She even painted her desk to match. She had begun branding herself even before she had a blog.

We worked closely with a custom artist (Rozine) to recreate a digital version of the fabric and matching pieces for other parts of the design. Once we were done with that our designer (Erika) was able to turn the pictures of her classroom decor into a matching blog. Next up, we sent it over to our programmer/artist (Lorrea) to brand her across a multitude of social media sites. Sometimes... it takes a village to create the perfect blog design!
We're two special education teachers who have developed products primarily for students in kindergarten through second grade, aligned with common core and stressing FUN! Our passions are autism and dyslexia and blog about the latest research based practices to use in your classrooms.

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