Second Grade Stampede

Erika and I have been wanting to do a Western themed blog for forever now or so it seems. I live in Arizona (which some say is still the Wild West) and Erika lives in Montana. You would think our western roots would have shown up before today. But alas... the opportunity has not presented itself until now.

Everyone... please welcome Bryce to the teacher blogger world! YES! Another male teacher! YIPPEE!!
My name is Bryce and in August I will start my first year teaching, 2nd grade, at a charter school in Dallas.  I wanted to start a blog to document my first year of teaching (and beyond).  I was looking for a western themed blog to go along with my future classroom design.  Using red, white, and blue and having a western theme incorporates the school I attended for graduate school, Southern Methodist University GO STANGS!

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