Leigh Ann started playing around with blogging after a fellow teacher, Alessia Albanese, whom she met at "I Teach K!" National Conference last summer encouraged her to do so. After Deanna Jump posted her new blog design created by the Honey Bunch team, Leigh Ann immediately contacted them to design her blog and take it the next level. Leigh Ann uses her blog to journal her life as a Kindergarten teacher and a mother of three children Kirk, Kara and Kali thus her blog title krazy4K.  Her goal is to connect with fellow teachers and share ideas that have worked well for her and her students.

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  1. i am so loving my blog! you gals did such a super job on it. i hope to one day get to meet you both in person! it would be awesome if you gals could set up a booth at I Teach K! national conference in Las Vegas this summer! bet that would get you some attention. :) not that you need any as you are already famous for your awesome blogging designs. thanks again!


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