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Neutral but Fun!

We recently completed a blog for Lory and she loved it so much that she asked us to design another site for her! The picture above was the first one we installed. While beautiful, Lory knew just after 24 hours it wasn't her. She made an error and would need a different design.

So we went back to the drawing board. She loved her first site so much that she asked if we could make a similar but different design. Sometimes change happens. Sometimes we change our mind as throughout the design process we realize what we wanted is not the same as the vision we had.

As Pete says "Its all Good!"

Erika and I love what we do mostly because we love making designs that are perfect for you. That is our goal. Ask any of our clients, we work to get each design perfect for you. That is why each of our designs comes with 30 days of free design support (up to 1 hour). This way if you change your mind, you can without regret! 

This site is dedicated to scrapbook layouts Lory has created for her family. Stop by and see what she has made. They are beautiful!!

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