Teaching Maths with Meaning

Bright & colorful with a math twist!

Alison is an elementary teacher in Australia who loved looking and learning from other blogs so she decided to start her own. She loves teaching math!! Alison's blog is about a little bit of everything and as she switches grade levels often, her site appeals to a wide variety of teachers. She loves Melonheadz Illustrating graphics, so we added some cute children holding an abacus to her design.

We originally created the site to have 3 columns (2 sidebars). As many people ask what the difference is between the two I decided to show you.

I personally prefer the 2 column (1 sidebar) design. I find it more appealing and organized looking. I think the 3 column makes the content (posts) seemed squished onto the page. Also, you lose a lot of your background in the 3 column design. Alison decided she preferred the 2 column and so that is what she currently has on her blog. Which do you prefer?

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