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Bill contacted us about converting his current yahoo website into a blog. While we cannot merge the two we were able to copy and paste the content from one site to the other which allows him the ability to blog messages to parents and students. The classroom website is utilized by the entire fifth grade team but maintained by Bill. What a guy!!

Bill saw my own classroom website and wanted to utilize some of the same features in his own design. Each of the page links above is actually a drop down menu with links to more pages!! Just simply hover over it and the menu will appear like you see in the picture below.

Each blogger or blogspot blog can host up to 20 pages! By using a drop down menu you can keep the pages shown to a minimum to keep that clean streamlined look but still have easy access to all of the information needed. In Bill's site, he has a meet the teachers section which has a page for each of the fifth grade teachers.

Like most schools, each grade level acts as a team and much of what occurs and is taught is similar. For example, in my school all the homework that is sent home is the same for every student within a particular grade level. We also do field trips and other special things together. Bill requested a signature for includes all of the teachers together as a team.

This is a great way to add technology and communicate with parents without having to do all the hard work alone. Thanks for introducing us to such a great idea, Bill!

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