Fabulous 5th Grade Fun!

Whimsical and Funky

Charlotte loved the design we did for her friend at Krazy Town and wanted a funky design that was unique for her but met her tight budget. So we went with a package 1 design, it is missing the "bells and whistles" of most of our designs but still gives the unique feel. Charlotte can always add on the "bells and whistles" later by purchasing the items individually as her budget allows or she feels the need for them. They are not necessary as her design is adorable as it is.

When you have a moment stop in and say hello to this brand new blogger!


  1. Charlotte is an awesome teacher and friend! So glad you hooked her up with such an awesome design. I know she will love it as much as I love mine! (I click over to it several times a day just to look because it gives me a happy!!!)

  2. Very nice. You would never guess this was a budget item...


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