The Hive

Yellows and Grays
Bee Themed

Bee themes are so popular. I love all the different styles and colors it comes in. I love the black, white, and yellow look... I have even thought of changing from my red, black, and white to it (gasp!)! Each time we do another bee theme, I wonder if we can make it different than the previous one. Surprisingly enough, Erika is a Queen Bee and has done so yet again, beautifully!

Pay no attention to the post on Rikki's site about an Erin Condren Lesson Plan Giveaway. Ummm... its a hoax? A winner has already been selected (me!)? Ummm... it's not really there... it's just your mind playing tricks on you!

You may, however, read all about second grade, her hubby, her two cute kids, her obsession with odd hats... any of those things are great for you to see. Just not the giveaway!

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  1. I love love love it! You gals are incredible. I can't believe all the different designs you come up with and they're all so cute!!


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