5th Grade Tomfoolery

Pink and Orange
Something to go with my nickname

Teri is lovingly referred to as the tree-hugging hippie by her colleagues. She wanted a place to share all of her teaching adventures that truly represented who she is both in and out of the classroom. There was a variety of things that Teri wanted to include in order to fully express herself.

Like many of our clients, Teri was at first afraid to express what she truly wanted in her design. I finally told her that through this process her and I are best friends. She can share with me any of her secrets and I am always on her side. We had quite a few laughs together but it really helped her feel comfortable enough to say "please add" or "make bigger" or "take away." Each time she shared more. This is important to our design process. We make each blog for a specific person. We can't make it UNIQUELY YOU without knowing who you are!

Teri has been teaching for 9 years, primarily in middle school until a move two years ago to fifth grade. Her mission is to be the best teacher possible and to always keep learning!

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