Trails 4 Success

 Woodsy-Hiking-Trail Theme

Tom came to us with a challenge. We are great at making designs for women but could we create a design for a man? Something that would reflect himself and his classroom. We took the challenge and ran with it. It was so exciting to create a new look for a new type of client.

I especially love... Decimal Dude. Tom claims he cannot draw so Decimal Dude is his mascot. He appears all over his classroom and his kids love him. He asked if we could add this special guy into his blog and we just couldn't resist giving this dude a well deserved spotlight in the design.

Tom has been a 4th grade teacher for the past 32 years and uses his blog to share cool teaching ideas, promote his products, and the products of others on TpT. He is a brand new blogger with his first post appearing the day we installed his design!

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