Tootsie and Teed: An Unbeatable Combination

Orange and Pink
Tootsie driving a bus.

I normally write a little about the process of designing a particular blog here and follow it up with a few sentences about the person and/or blog we designed. The sentences come straight from our clients and their blogs. Today though... I am going to let Linda talk.

"My blog has been a GIANT project and goal for a long time. I can't thank you, Misty and Erika enough for making my dreams come true.  Erika, my Nikki from Melonheadz and you my friend Misty have been angels for me in my life. I have been through some pretty great challenges lately in my personal life but when I look at my blog it just makes me smile:). Thank you for being such a wonderful, patient, kind group of wonderful friends. I can't thank you enough.

Please include this in your space.  You can also add my love of third grade...a whole other story about God working His magic in my life...my deep abiding love for my students, my own 3 grown children, my grandbaby Kayla Lynne, my honey of 30 years who sticks by me always, and of course my Tootsie Roll...the guy in charge of my third grade room. Again, I appreciate your endless work and sacrifice. Thanks for not getting frustrated with me...I could go on and on and on...you guys are amazing."

Linda - we think you are pretty amazing as well!!

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