Fourth Grade Garden

Purple, Blue, & Green
An Outdoor Garden. 
An Iris & a Butterfly. 

After seeing another design we recently completed, Liliris new that we were the team that could make her dream of a garden come to life on her blog. One of the most important parts of the design process is selecting the right design kit. This kit holds within it the overall feel of your design. If you want it to feel true to life, the pieces must also have that feel. This limits your options but being picky in the beginning helps make it perfect in the end!

Jennifer created the pin-name of Liliris to share all of her blogging adventures. She is a fourth grade teacher  in a New York intermediate school for grades 3-5.  Liliris just completed her fifth year of teaching and loves fourth grade. Her blog is a garden of terrific teaching ideas, freebies, and fun!


  1. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to my blog design. I absolutely love how it turned out!

    Fourth Grade Garden


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