Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

Fit for a little boy but girly for me!

Katie wasn't exactly sure what she wanted until we came across a sock monkey. When her mom was a little girl, her favorite toy was a sock money. She saved the collection all this time and gave it to her grandson. Since then both Katie and her mom have collected Sock Monkey's for Tanner. It was the perfect look for her new bloggy home!

Katie lives in Florida and is a single mom who has a lot of support from her loving family. She is a second-year teacher looping up from 2nd to 3rd grade this year AND she is finishing up a graduate degree in reading. When she has free time, she enjoys football and reading. Stop by today to help her celebrate 200 followers!


  1. You've got me thinking! I love your designs!!

    Owl Things First

  2. That's a cute design! You're very talented!

    I can't seem to find the Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans blog...it keeps saying blog is not available. What is the URL now? Or is it still in progress? Please help!

  3. Hi Lizard -

    We do not post the blogs on here until they are complete. I got a message the blog has been removed. I sent the author an inquiry to find out if there is something we can help with or if she had decided to no longer blog.



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