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Not the typical way but my way!

One of my favorite parts about creating a design is truly getting to know the people behind the blog. Candace had a pretty good idea of what she wanted.... something that reflected her and her students.

When she completed her questionnaire, she stated she wanted a purple, aqua, and pink design but her favorite colors were black, red, and gray. I decided to ignore what she wanted and go with her favorite. It ended up being exactly the right decision as the more we got into the design the more of her personality came shining through. We added in a bit of the aqua on the edges to brighten it up but this site... is truly all about her. 

Nikki, our in house artist from Melonheadz Illustrating, came through with a cartoon Candace that she drew from a picture. She also created the schoolhouse and the classroom of well diversified students. We searched but simply couldn't find the pieces to make Candace's blog come to life so we created them.

Candace has been a teacher for 6 years and has taught in grades 2-4. This year she is back where her heart is 2nd GRADE!! 

"Through my blog I hope to share my journey back to second , which I am sure my readers, as well as, myself are in for a wild and exciting ride! I want to also say that I have had the best experience possible working with you guys! I absolutely love the cartoon me and how you all made that accommodation for me, and really made my vision come to life. Phenomenal... that is the word I would use to describe you guys and my experience." ~ Candace

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  1. Your blog design for Candace is fantastic! I love your work.
    First Class Teacher


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