5th Grade Rocks, 5th Grade Rules

Bright and Cheerful
A Little Wild
Just like me! 
Oh, and Pink Ladybugs too!

 Mimi is the winner of our teacher appreciation award and has been drooling over our blog designs for months. About once a month I would hear about how she was still planning on doing it just not yet. I think I could hear her screams of delight all the way in Arizona when she won. =)

Mimi has been a fifth grade teacher in Virginia for thirteen years. She wanted something spunky that screams rocks and rules, but has a softer side too. Mimi thinks that the keys to successful teaching are relationships with students and having fun. Her blog shares a lot of great games and ideas she incorporates in her teaching. I think this new makeover works perfectly for her, it's definitely fun!

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  1. I think you are extremely creative an 5th graders can use anthing to motivate them. I will be following you. This is my first experience with pintrest and lucky to have found you!


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