Sample's Superstars

Bright green, pink, 
 blue, yellow, & purple

Layered look with different patterns and stripes

Something to go with my new blog title
which will now be the same as my classroom!

Erin is new to blogging but has so much to share. She is a first grade teacher in Arizona and has a ton of freebies on her site. Erin has a talented group of kiddos who were just named Field Day Champions (congrats!) and is in the process of switching to CCSS. Watch out for this crafty teacher; she will be sure to surprise you with her future creations!

Erika is getting so great at post dividers. I absolutely LOVE this one and just had to share it with all of you. I can just see this on a bulletin board outside of Erin's classroom next year welcoming her students and encouraging them to reach for the stars.

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  1. Thank you both so much! It was great working with both of you. You were so helpful and completed my design in about one week! Thanks for my new blog!


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